Pros and cons of internet

In today’s time, internet is used world-wide in most of the fields. It is the source of entertainment, education, gaining updates and information, doing research based activities and many more. Both personal and professional areas have the heavy usage of internet for performing day to day work. In fact any improvement in technological landscape requires the use of internet in various forms. Undoubtedly internet has become a necessity in this revolutionary word. But everything has positive and negative sides. Though internet has made our life advanced, easier and simpler but along with it there are lots of problems faced by an individual while using internet.

Pros of internet

Electronic mail/E-mail:One of the easiest mode of sending written letter through internet is Email. With this functionality of internet, the physical labor along with time consumption have been drastically cut off. Earlier the receiver had to wait for days to get the letter delivered. But now with email facility, the typed letter can be easily send to the receiver. So, this has been of greater advantages to individuals, institutes and people.

Obtain information: With the use of internet, obtaining information is easier and faster. Whether it’s educational information, or some famous personality related information; company’s related information or general news or data, most of the things can be browsed using internet. No more visiting to libraries and searching for books to get all the desired information, you can get all the facility at your fingertips.

Online Shopping: In this busy world, very rarely people have time to go out and spend hours on shopping. Every individual is busy doing one or the other task. This is the reason online shopping has been so popular nowadays. With the help of internet people are able to purchase anything at any period of time and get the items delivered at their doorstep. Whether it is household purchasing or apparel, gift items or any other necessary commodities; everything can be purchased online using internet.

Online chat: Online chat is a trend for present generation. The online system of chatting has allowed people to remain connected anytime round the clock. Also the cost of distant phone calls can be reduced through online calling. Internet is also used for video callings where people on both sides of the screen can see each other and locate the actions.

Downloading:  Missed a popular show? Want to watch a movie without going theater? We candownload everything with the help of internet. Any software program, or entertainment shows, books or useful files; can be downloaded using the internet.

Cons of internet

Spamming: It is a serious issue for internet users. Individuals using internet are more likely to experience this problem. Spamming means receiving emails that are unnecessary for the users and only create traffic. This is either done by some marketing firms to market about their product or spammers who want to steal information from your account. Therefore, careful use of internet is very necessary for every individual. Securing personal and professional information using password and enabling the provided settings is most.

Addiction: Excess usage of internet leads to addiction. People play games, carries on chatting and many similar activities using internet. When they constantly carry these activities, it generally leads to addiction that reduce their communication and connections with close and nearby people.

Pornography: Internet is the medium to educate and help people, but nowadays it has been wrongly used. Due to the facility of uploading anything in internet, many people post wrong, violent and illegal things in the internet that leaves bad impact on the brain of developing individuals.


There are number of pros and cons of using internet. Since internet has been developed to simplify the work and a medium to educate individuals; it should not be wrongly used. Safeguarding all the information that is uploaded in the internet is equally necessary. Most importantly to avoid any kind of spamming; it is better not to upload or share any personal information in the internet.

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5 tips to save money on college books

College life is full of fun, eagerness, passion and explorations. When you are in college you don’t nag of getting bore or loafer. Your social get-together with groups and peers, your curriculum and writing task are enough to keep you busy the entire day. Still there is one thing that college students usually complain about; yes the pocket money. Even my friends used to ask, “Man do you have some money”! I believe it happens with every college student. Consequently it is difficult for students to manage everything on limited budget mostly when we don’t want to give up on parties, gatherings and outings.
Though gatherings and trips make huge part of expenses, but purchasing college books also require a good sum of amount. Although valuable but after a semester, students hardly dare to refer those books again. So rather than being a broke college kid, it is better to use certain methods that help you to save money on college books. Here are accumulation of few tricks for college students that will help them save money on college books.

college students

Make use of College/University library

Some students usually visit college library and others rarely do. For some it is a place where they can grasp and study to the maximum of their potential whereas for others the environment might be dull and boring. But in any of this case, University library can be really helpful. Rather than going out and spending bugs of amount in purchasing books, students can visit their college library and issue the desired book.
The major problem that you might face here is the time limit. When you issue a book you need to return it back at the mentioned point of time. Though you can reissue it again but still there always remain a limitation. So, “what can you do in such condition?” Yes! Make notes. You can take the book at home and make notes of all the important portion. Time-consuming right! The other method that worked for me quite well is getting Photocopy. Yes, issue the required book, carefully mark the portions that are important, and get them photocopied. Though a little effort is required but it is worth when you can save hundreds of bucks. But be careful, don’t spoil pages of the book.

Visit library in your town

Not necessarily you will find required book every-time in your college library. If you get in this situation, the second option is to visit the library of your town. You can sit at home and conduct an online search for libraries that are available in your town. Go there and ask for the book specifying the time period- for how long you need that book. They will charge some penny depending on the length of time. Pay the amount and get the book. This method is suitable when you don’t want to spend huge bucks for purchasing the book. Rather you can use only a small part of your college budget and get your course-book.


Due to easy usage and availability, E-books are getting quite popular nowadays. So if you are comfortable studying with e-book, you can surely go for this option. This will save your time as well as money. Though access to some e-book may require paying a certain amount, but it would be lesser than buying the hard-copy. Moreover, some e-books are also available for free downloads, so you need to spend a little time and the job will be finally done.

Make use of social networking sites

Most of us use social networking sites for online chatting, communicating with friends and closed ones, sharing pictures, videos and what not. But you can also use it intelligently for educational purpose. There are groups made in most of the social networking sites, like your college group; search for it. Join the group and check the updates. Most of your seniors who have purchased the book months back, might not need it. So, they must have shared updates keeping the “book on sell”. You can check updates of the group and purchase it in half of the market price.

Visit the nearby book store

There are some book stores that provide you old college books. Check if you can find any in your location. Try searching online. If you discover one, you can get these books at half of the price of new books. This way you can save maximum of your expenses on college books.

Try one of these methods and see the advantages that you can grab. Make most out of your college life, don’t let go memorable moments of college life just because you don’t have a penny in your pocket. Rather use your ideas and cutoff unnecessary expenses. Though these methods require a little hard-work and effort; but in turn you will end up saving a good sum of money from the college books.

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5 tips for dealing with students problems

Student life is full of excitements, enthusiasm and creation. They are always ready to learn new things and have refreshing experiences. It is said that students are like an amorphous clay, you can mold them in any way you like. If they are taught positive things, they learn the same but if they listen, experience or observe any negative acts, they either turn out to be a fearful individual or they tend to get involve in some inauthentic task. So, it is very important to timely deal with student’s problems so that they can have bright and well established future that can be an asset to the society and the country.

Though student life looks interesting, but still they encounter difficulties in some stage. Even I faced these troubles, and may be you too are encountering these problems. So, below are the list of 5 common delinquent that you encounter in your academic life, have a look, get the solutions and obliterate them permanently to remain content and joyful.

Physical health

This is the major problem that every person face at present, the increasing pollution have amplified the graph of different diseases. Though, people of all the generation are prone to health problems, but students and older individuals are at high risk. Yes, I remember I used to have diarrhea, fever, common cold time and again and visiting doctor, missing classes and having bed rest was something that I totally dislike. Though, having problem with the health is quite common in student’s life, but it is annoying at times. Mostly, when you have a school trip or the time when you have planned to go for some animated movie.


The best solution for this is start exercising and eating healthy food. Though this sound little tough, but if you are healthy your immune system will turn out to be strong and you will not miss any kind of fun filled activity or your important papers for examination. Exercising doesn’t mean you need to join some class, you can rather do it at home. Just do some basic physical exercises like jogging, skipping or stretching parts of your body that are normally taught in schools. It will just take 20-30 minutes of your time.

What you eat whole day, have a great impact on your health. Junk foods or street foods contains germs and number of flavoring agents that only tend to activate your taste bud. So, avoid them as far as possible. Yes, once a week you can have them but don’t make it part of your regular routine. Eat something healthy, like fruits, dairy products, green vegetables etc. Though it may sound impossible, but try for a day; once you develop a good eating habit, your immune system will get stronger and you can be ready for any type of sports or games organized in your school or college.

Poor sleep

Presently, you have all the technological medium present around you to distract you from sleeping early. Mobile phones and PC with internet connection are major reason for poor sleep. Yes, using technology is important but not in compensation of your sleep and health. Moreover, applying the proverb “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”, is very essential in student’s life. So, when you go to bed, make sure that your phone is switched off and your bed is clean to have a sound sleep. Having proper sleep keeps stress and depression away and makes you healthy and energetic.

You require lots of energy in school and college; attending classes, listening to teachers, doing assessments, playing, participating in extracurricular activities, and the list doesn’t end here. So, all this requires proper sleep. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock.


Students generally sleep late at night and tend to wake up low and lazy in the morning. When they miss out some important event in the school, they tend to low their head down realizing that, it would be better if I wake up on time. Hence, to be on time, it is important to sleep on time; and to sleep on time, it is important to exercise regularly, eat healthy, wind up everything on time, clean the bed, set the alarm and then go for goodnight sleep.

Money issues

This is the most common problem that you face being a student. You are dependent financially on your parents and per day or per month of pocket-money always seems less to fulfill the needs and requirements. Most of the time, students when reaches a maturity age, think for a part-time job in order to resolve money issue and yes, this is not a bad idea. If your monthly expenses are more than your pocket-money, you have three options; borrow from your friend, but this can be risky because you might not have adequate sum saved the next month as well, to pay back your friend; the next option is reduce your expenses. Yes, you can work on it, try cutting down the unnecessary task from your routine, like hanging out every time with friends and spending huge sum, visiting expensive places etc. This will somehow lower your expenses and might be that your pocket-money would be more than enough to cover all your leftover expenses.

no money

Finally the last solution is having a part-time job. Though this option sounds the best, but it can be tiring at times. So, if you are planning for a part time job, first make sure that you see the timing for your job that doesn’t coincide with your school or college timing, secondly make sure that you get a good pay and thirdly don’t over-stress yourself instead try doing either a home based job or working in weekends when you have no schools or colleges.

Relationship issues

You have lots of friends and emerging relationship in academic life. But not necessarily all the friends you make or a girlfriend/boyfriend you have is loyal, trustworthy and supportive. Difference in thinking or views for life can create lots of obstacles and problems in your relationship, sometime with parents, sometimes with friends or relatives and the other time with your partners. There may be times, when people ditch you, your friends betray you, or your parents doesn’t support our decision. You may feel lonely, low in confidence and cheated. But remember one thing, you cannot change the people around, nor can you force them to act in the way you want. So, if they want to leave you company, let them go because those who value will never go away and those who go away doesn’t value. Just focus on your goal, friend’s keeps on changing, so stop thinking on what they did with you or what you did to them.


Student’s life is a crucial period that sets a foundation for better future. The more you explore, the more you learn and the more you learn the more you emerge. So, don’t mess yourself in relationships, rather try resolving any misunderstanding if exist and if the confusions cannot be cleared on time; just let it go. Remain focused, because there certainly will be the time when you will only have the best people around you who really cares and supports you. So, don’t get distracted from your goal.

Time management

Students are all time busy with some task. Sometimes their school or college assessments and project, sometime with their social circle and other time with extracurricular activity. So the list is lengthy where they have limited time to learn lots of things and prepare for the lifelong challenges. Hence, you may sometime loose the track and find it difficult to manage so many things. This may generate stress and uncertainty. But be strong and bold, try managing your daily activity. Pre-plan things, Give some minutes of time and figure out the things that are important that you can’t afford missing.


If necessary, make a note or keep a reminder in your mobile phone so that you don’t forget them. Example: if you have a presentation next week, keep the reminder in your phone for the date of presentation that you need to give in class, and everyday spare sometime to work for that. This way you will not be stressed out a day before the presentation or on the day of the presentation. Likewise, you can do it for other task as well; like the tournament or any competition that you have participated in, your assignments and homework’s, planning for a day out, planning for birthday parties and many more. Hence, pre- planning will help you manage time for everything and accomplish any given task on time.

These are some common problems that every students face, and to my knowledge these points can be the best solutions in such situation. Still, proper diet, exercise, timely sleeping habit, resolving issues and managing time will help you to keep stress out of door and enjoy every phase of student’s life in cheerful way.

Is technology an asset or a hindrance?

We proudly say that we are living in technological era that have simplified our lifestyle. Even I completely agree to this statement that technology have made our work easier, faster and convenient.

But suddenly a thought bumped up in my mind when I was having a closer look at different appliances present in every corner of my home. How would our life be if there were no vehicles, no large machines, no home appliances etc.? Would it be better or would we struggle to accomplish even the light work? I got enthusiastic to get the answer for such underlying questions. In this process, I even juggled to get the ideas of many people on this subject. This led me to few points that very well goes with the proverb; every coins have two different faces. This in turn signifies that adapting technology in our life have benefited us in several ways but it have also hampered our life in many aspects.

Use of mobile phone and internet:

Internet is a best example of advancement in technological world. Different social networking site has helped to bring together people under one roof with effective communication. Internet have become a necessity for present generation where they can accomplish all the task within some seconds of time.

Mobile phones are a portable device and a best medium to use the internet cblog2onnection. People can travel any corner of the world and still remain in touch with the closed ones through mobile phones having good internet connection. Even I am habituated surfing videos using mobile phone. Moreover, using whatsapp, Facebook, twitter have becomes a part of daily routine. I just lost my phone and feels like a handicapped. No chat, no surfing and no contacts, isn’t that frustrating?

Yes, internet and mobile have helped us in several ways but on the other hand, people are misusing these mediums to get into personal and professional life of other individual. There are even people who are so much dependent on these technology that they find it impossible to get socialize in real world.

Maximum number of people share their personal information with others through different apps and most of the time these information’s are used wrongly by others that even leads to destruction of individual life.

Moreover, there are several security settings that enables a user to keep all the information private or share it with desired group of people, but I have a doubt, that are all these information completely private?

CCTV technology:

Having a CCTV camera in home, work place, on the way, bank, etc. keeps us relived that if any crime is committed, it can easily be detected or found out. Moreover, it reduces the crime rate and fear of unsafe. Yes, it is true as well; CCTV camera is like a third eye that keeps record of every moment. But unfortunately, this medium of technology have also been wrongly used by thousands of people. We get to hear thousands of incidence where CCTV cameras are wrongly placed in private places thus inviting the crime on the desk.


car, taxi, bus, metro, are all the medium that helps to covers large distance in minimum period of time. Without these mediums we can hardly imagine to travel from place to place. Even these medium are wrongly used due to ruthless driving that takes away life of several people traveling on the same street.

Development in nuclear science:

when we talk about technological development, how can we forget to mention about nuclear science? This is the area of science that have signaled the growth and development of health industry and national security. But reversely, its effect have also damaged many life on the earth creating environmental imbalance.

There are innumerable number of such examples where technology is a boon but on the other hand it is also a bane that affects life and property of several people around the

Thus the major question here is that, who is responsible for ruining thousands of life all around the world? Is it the technology? Or is it the human?

Moreover, have technology invented us or have we invented these technology? Yes, everyone can raise their hand at this point and say proudly that we have invented technology. When we have invented technology, who is responsible to make it bane rather than a boon? Undoubtedly, we are responsible for this work as well. We are benefited with these mediums to simplify our work and reduce the work load, thus misusing the technological instrument can never result in anything constructive. Technology works in exactly the way we employ it whether it’s a smallest possible instrument or the large machinery. We are counted as intelligent creature on the earth and not the technology, but still technology seems more convincing, trustworthy and intelligent than we human.

All these points land us to a single conclusion that we have invented technology and we are responsible to make it a boon or bane. Since, every instruments works in the way we direct it, it is very important that we use these sources smartly to obtain a fruitful result.

Before buying any technological instrument, it is foremost important to read the guidelines and make up the mind to use it for some constructive purpose that makes the work simpler rather than creating any destruction. In the near future, there might be further advancement in these technological instruments but using them qualitatively only can benefit us or else this advancement can led to some devastating result.