Pros and cons of internet

In today’s time, internet is used world-wide in most of the fields. It is the source of entertainment, education, gaining updates and information, doing research based activities and many more. Both personal and professional areas have the heavy usage of internet for performing day to day work. In fact any improvement in technological landscape requires the use of internet in various forms. Undoubtedly internet has become a necessity in this revolutionary word. But everything has positive and negative sides. Though internet has made our life advanced, easier and simpler but along with it there are lots of problems faced by an individual while using internet.

Pros of internet

Electronic mail/E-mail:One of the easiest mode of sending written letter through internet is Email. With this functionality of internet, the physical labor along with time consumption have been drastically cut off. Earlier the receiver had to wait for days to get the letter delivered. But now with email facility, the typed letter can be easily send to the receiver. So, this has been of greater advantages to individuals, institutes and people.

Obtain information: With the use of internet, obtaining information is easier and faster. Whether it’s educational information, or some famous personality related information; company’s related information or general news or data, most of the things can be browsed using internet. No more visiting to libraries and searching for books to get all the desired information, you can get all the facility at your fingertips.

Online Shopping: In this busy world, very rarely people have time to go out and spend hours on shopping. Every individual is busy doing one or the other task. This is the reason online shopping has been so popular nowadays. With the help of internet people are able to purchase anything at any period of time and get the items delivered at their doorstep. Whether it is household purchasing or apparel, gift items or any other necessary commodities; everything can be purchased online using internet.

Online chat: Online chat is a trend for present generation. The online system of chatting has allowed people to remain connected anytime round the clock. Also the cost of distant phone calls can be reduced through online calling. Internet is also used for video callings where people on both sides of the screen can see each other and locate the actions.

Downloading:  Missed a popular show? Want to watch a movie without going theater? We candownload everything with the help of internet. Any software program, or entertainment shows, books or useful files; can be downloaded using the internet.

Cons of internet

Spamming: It is a serious issue for internet users. Individuals using internet are more likely to experience this problem. Spamming means receiving emails that are unnecessary for the users and only create traffic. This is either done by some marketing firms to market about their product or spammers who want to steal information from your account. Therefore, careful use of internet is very necessary for every individual. Securing personal and professional information using password and enabling the provided settings is most.

Addiction: Excess usage of internet leads to addiction. People play games, carries on chatting and many similar activities using internet. When they constantly carry these activities, it generally leads to addiction that reduce their communication and connections with close and nearby people.

Pornography: Internet is the medium to educate and help people, but nowadays it has been wrongly used. Due to the facility of uploading anything in internet, many people post wrong, violent and illegal things in the internet that leaves bad impact on the brain of developing individuals.


There are number of pros and cons of using internet. Since internet has been developed to simplify the work and a medium to educate individuals; it should not be wrongly used. Safeguarding all the information that is uploaded in the internet is equally necessary. Most importantly to avoid any kind of spamming; it is better not to upload or share any personal information in the internet.

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