Is technology an asset or a hindrance?

We proudly say that we are living in technological era that have simplified our lifestyle. Even I completely agree to this statement that technology have made our work easier, faster and convenient.

But suddenly a thought bumped up in my mind when I was having a closer look at different appliances present in every corner of my home. How would our life be if there were no vehicles, no large machines, no home appliances etc.? Would it be better or would we struggle to accomplish even the light work? I got enthusiastic to get the answer for such underlying questions. In this process, I even juggled to get the ideas of many people on this subject. This led me to few points that very well goes with the proverb; every coins have two different faces. This in turn signifies that adapting technology in our life have benefited us in several ways but it have also hampered our life in many aspects.

Use of mobile phone and internet:

Internet is a best example of advancement in technological world. Different social networking site has helped to bring together people under one roof with effective communication. Internet have become a necessity for present generation where they can accomplish all the task within some seconds of time.

Mobile phones are a portable device and a best medium to use the internet cblog2onnection. People can travel any corner of the world and still remain in touch with the closed ones through mobile phones having good internet connection. Even I am habituated surfing videos using mobile phone. Moreover, using whatsapp, Facebook, twitter have becomes a part of daily routine. I just lost my phone and feels like a handicapped. No chat, no surfing and no contacts, isn’t that frustrating?

Yes, internet and mobile have helped us in several ways but on the other hand, people are misusing these mediums to get into personal and professional life of other individual. There are even people who are so much dependent on these technology that they find it impossible to get socialize in real world.

Maximum number of people share their personal information with others through different apps and most of the time these information’s are used wrongly by others that even leads to destruction of individual life.

Moreover, there are several security settings that enables a user to keep all the information private or share it with desired group of people, but I have a doubt, that are all these information completely private?

CCTV technology:

Having a CCTV camera in home, work place, on the way, bank, etc. keeps us relived that if any crime is committed, it can easily be detected or found out. Moreover, it reduces the crime rate and fear of unsafe. Yes, it is true as well; CCTV camera is like a third eye that keeps record of every moment. But unfortunately, this medium of technology have also been wrongly used by thousands of people. We get to hear thousands of incidence where CCTV cameras are wrongly placed in private places thus inviting the crime on the desk.


car, taxi, bus, metro, are all the medium that helps to covers large distance in minimum period of time. Without these mediums we can hardly imagine to travel from place to place. Even these medium are wrongly used due to ruthless driving that takes away life of several people traveling on the same street.

Development in nuclear science:

when we talk about technological development, how can we forget to mention about nuclear science? This is the area of science that have signaled the growth and development of health industry and national security. But reversely, its effect have also damaged many life on the earth creating environmental imbalance.

There are innumerable number of such examples where technology is a boon but on the other hand it is also a bane that affects life and property of several people around the

Thus the major question here is that, who is responsible for ruining thousands of life all around the world? Is it the technology? Or is it the human?

Moreover, have technology invented us or have we invented these technology? Yes, everyone can raise their hand at this point and say proudly that we have invented technology. When we have invented technology, who is responsible to make it bane rather than a boon? Undoubtedly, we are responsible for this work as well. We are benefited with these mediums to simplify our work and reduce the work load, thus misusing the technological instrument can never result in anything constructive. Technology works in exactly the way we employ it whether it’s a smallest possible instrument or the large machinery. We are counted as intelligent creature on the earth and not the technology, but still technology seems more convincing, trustworthy and intelligent than we human.

All these points land us to a single conclusion that we have invented technology and we are responsible to make it a boon or bane. Since, every instruments works in the way we direct it, it is very important that we use these sources smartly to obtain a fruitful result.

Before buying any technological instrument, it is foremost important to read the guidelines and make up the mind to use it for some constructive purpose that makes the work simpler rather than creating any destruction. In the near future, there might be further advancement in these technological instruments but using them qualitatively only can benefit us or else this advancement can led to some devastating result.